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Burning Beast is back for its seventh, celebrity-chef-fueled flamed food extravaganza at Smoke Farm July 20th!!

Burning Beast, "the world’s best feast in a field", returns for another tantalizing installment on Sunday, July 20th 2014 at Smoke Farm. Burning Beast features the talents of more than a dozen of Seattle's finest chefs preparing sustainably raised meats and fish using humankind's most basic tool – fire. Superstar chef Tamara Murphy (Terra Plata) leads the pack and wrangles the chefs in what is sure to be another incredible and delectable feast!

Aaron Matson / Cow / The Copper Hog
Joshua Henderson / Goat / Huxley Wallace Collective
Mike Easton / Duck / Il Corvo
Adam Hoffman / Veggies / Adam’s Northwest Bistro &Brewery
Dylan Giordon Ram / Bin on the Lake
Miles James / Salmon /Dots R.I.P.
Branden Karow / Sheep / Ethan Stowell Restaurants
Matthew Lewis / PIG / Roux
Jeff Maxfield / Bison / Sky City
Brian McCracken & Dana Tough / Lamb / Team McCracken &Tough
Charlie Pasquier / Rabbit / Goat Mountain Pizza
Charles Warpole / Chicken / The Blind Pig
Tamara Murphy / Sardines / terra plata
Kevin Bartlett / Oysters / Taylor Shellfish
Marcus Johnson/Beast-Tails / Bathtub Gin
Jennifer Shea / Trophy Cupcakes

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